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No-Nonsense Litigation

You only have one chance in court to make your case. Choose the winning strategy with Lavelle and Associates Trial Lawyers. Based in Athens, Ohio, we are a team of general litigation attorneys who fight for you.  Choosing the correct representative for your specific legal dispute is a daunting task. Thankfully, with our more than 30 years of experience, our legal team possesses intimate knowledge in a variety of arenas.

Lady Justice

Covering All Bases

Although we are a general litigation practice, our team has extensive qualifications in a number of practice areas, including criminal defense, wrongful death, insurance disputes, and automobile accidents. While our practice addresses a large variety of legal matters, our firm places emphasis on the areas below. Please contact us for a consultation before hiring one of our attorneys.

DUI and Related Infractions

A citation for driving under the influence has lasting effects on your driving record and insurance. Our attorneys help you navigate this often-complicated dispute. Prevent a stain on your record and stay on the road with our complete DUI defense team. We are also available for contesting similar charges, such as underage drinking.

Probate Law

Your loved ones entrusted you with their most valuable possessions, so that you may honor their legacy. Assert your right to enact their wills with the help of our probate attorneys. Our legal team has the resources and expertise to ensure that whatever is yours remains yours. We analyze wills and estates on your behalf.

Accidents and Wrongful Deaths

There is nothing more crushing than the loss of a loved one. This realization is more apparent when accidents are totally preventable. All too often, guilty parties attempt to add insult to injury by refusing to owning up to their mistakes and providing compensation for their misgivings. Our attorneys are always ready to help you on your journey to justice.